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Assembly Instructions

Here you will find the assembly instructions for the 50mm and 100mm Cyclones. We higly recommend you watch the assembly videos made by Peter Parfitt showing how to assemble both the 50mm and 100mm Cyclones.


100mm Cyclone Instructions

As the biggest Cyclone we recommend you recruit a helper while you follow these page by page instructions full of images to assemble your 100mm Cyclone.

100mm Instructions

50mm Cyclone Instructions

At half the size of the 100mm Cyclone you'll only need one pair of hands as you follow these instructions and images to assemble the 50mm Cyclone.

50mm Instructions


Wall Mount Instructions

Easier to build than a Billy bookcase, you'll only need a quick look at these instructions to get your 100mm Cyclone wall mounted above your dropbox of choice.

Wall Mount Instructions

100mm Cyclone Video Instructions

In this 14 minute video Peter Parfitt will show you how to construct your 100mm Cyclone and see why it's become a regular in his New Brit Workshop.

50mm Cyclone Video Instructions

This two part video begins with an unboxing and goes through a full assembly and gives you all the tips and tricks for using your Cyclone.

Pressure Relief Valve

Watch Peter Parfitt demonstrate the need for a pressure valve if you are going to use your Cyclone with a vacuum type extractor.