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100mm Cyclone Assembly Instructions

Prelude to Assembling:

It is assumed in these instructions that as a keen woodworker you will be familiar with gluing, construction and the terminology used below.

Many hands make light work, a willing assistant will make assembly easier but is not required for the smaller models but definitely recommended for the 100mm.

For clarity a word about glues, there are 2 glues provided, a specialist plastic glue in the clear bottle and a 2 part branded adhesive. The 2 part adhesive is only used on the joining strip. Once this step is complete glue refers to the specialist plastic glue.

Safety: Please ensure you use the glue in a well ventilated area and please fully read and understand the safety informtion on the glue. Full information on Tensol 12 can be found here: Tensol 12 Safety Data Sheet

Also be aware the machining of the parts can leave sharp edges that can cut you. Sand or file these away if you find any on your kit.

Preparing the kit

After unpacking your Cyclone you should have the pieces shown below. You can start by peeling off all the protective plastic and checking you have all the parts show below which are:

Once you have these parts check all edges for any fluffy machined edges and remove these with a piece of high grit sand paper. The tube ends can often be slightly rough from machining and these are easily sanded smooth. This is not required and is just something you can do if you wish.

Tip: Place the 1 part glue (Tensol 12) provided that is in a small bottle in the fridge before use, this will make it less likely to run when you come to use it.

Making the body

Before doing this next stage decide which side, when looking at the Cyclone the inlet tube will be on and practice bending the cyclone around to see which way gets the inlet on the side you prefer.
Take the 2 part adhesive provided and put the glue over one half of the jointing strip.

Apply the spray adhesive to one edge of the body.

Tip: The 2 part mitre adhesive supplied will recommend that when spraying on the activator spray you wait for it to evaporate before mating the surfaces. This is in-correct. Spray on a liberal amount of spray so that you can see it pooling on the surface and immediately mate the glued surface to this.

Now mate the side of the strip that you previous applied the glue to and apply firm pressure ensuring that at the top of the body there is a gap of 2.5mm and at the bottom a gap of 10mm to allow for the foot and lid to attach later. This does not need to be exact but as close as possible to allow space for the body to go into the foot and the top rebate later on. Hold the bond for atleast 15 seconds before releasing.

Your Cyclone should now look like this: