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Martin from Cheshire, UK

The video is essential before you start assembly and is worth watching several times to make sure you have everything to hand before you start. The kit allows you to build a right or left handed version depending on your requirements, make sure your understand the geometry difference or you may have to adapt your pipe work afterwards (like I did). Apart from extremely fine dust and bits of paper nothing gets through the cyclone to the filter bag. Take time to select or construct your dropbox. I constructed a large capacity dropbox as I have a lot of green ash to thickness and the chips are copious in volume. A top product.

Andy from France

The cyclone was easy to put together after careful study of the video. It is hooked up to a twin motor Camvac. The twin motor camvac is a HPLV extractor and a relief valve is essential. Having heeded the experiences of others and with the advice of James I decided to place the relief valve above the cyclone in a Y piece, see photo. With the high pressure of the Camvac type extractors if the valve is in the dropbox the on rush of air when it is triggered may well cause the contents of the dropbox to be sucked up into the extractor. By placing the valve above the cyclone this is prevented. It works like a dream. All the wood chips and dust remain in the drum at all times. Very satisfied.

Brian from Buckinghamshire, UK

Incredible Product and very easy to build. I bought the 100mm and followed Peter's video instructions to the letter. Definitely clamp down one edge of the main cone as you try to bend the other end round to glue to the strip as otherwise I think 3 people required and chance of botching it immense given the glue set time. I decided to mount mine on a small steel can and the whole unit sits on top of my 3hp SIP dust collector. I swapped the cotton bag onto the bottom of the SIP and blocked off the top using 2 circular mdc pieces clamped together. The cyclone unit then sits on top of that. Overall height just fits inside my garage. Highly recommend - don't be put off by self-assembly, it really is quite easy and quick.

Ed from Surrey, UK

I have both the 100mm and 50mm cyclones. Both are excellent bits of kit. They are easy to build and install and have made the workshop a much cleaner and safer place.

Lein Pieter from Haarlem, The Netherlands

I have used the 100mm Cyclone for over a year with my planer and bandsaw and I am very satisfied! Recently I decided to build a mounting bracket for the Cyclone to be able to empty the dustbin more easy and to avoid stresses from the hose on the inlet tube. The guys at Cyclone Central supplied my with excellent plans, with I modified for my needs. My Cyclone is now an even better piece of kit!

Geoff from Cheshire UK

The first point is that the 100mm Cyclone is brilliant. Even more, if you have a spindle molder or planer/thicknesser I would say that it is essential, unless you have some fetish for emptying dust bags and struggling to put them back on. One the online instructions it advises that you find a "willing assistant"....mine started off willing but that deteriorated somewhat during the "finger gluing part". .If you have a friend, or relative, the sort who used to make model aircraft kits, beg or bribe them to help. Mine works a treat but doesn't look as neat as Peter Parfitt's in his video..Geoff.

Merv from Ayrshire, Scotland.

Right from the very start with great advice from Cyclone Central to the final commissioning it was all easy and painless. The assembly video is a great idea and was very helpful with the assembly completed in under an hour. The drop box manufacture took a little longer following tips from the video. Connected up to my soda blasting cabinet and my Henry vac it works a treat and it's fascinating to watch the dust swirl around before disappearing into the collector. Thanks again Cyclone Central.

Charlie from Devon, UK

I have a Camvac twin motor wall mounted extractor and last year purchased a 100mm cyclone. This was before Peter Parfitt's excellent video about assembly .... I would have assembled it more quickly if I had seen that first! Unfortunately I did not initially fit a pressure relief valve and after some time when there was a partial blockage in the ducting I broke the cyclone! However the company were extremely helpful and got me spare parts very quickly. At this time I also purchased a pressure relief valve, which has saved me from further damage to the cyclone. The system works very well and I am pleased with it.

Gavin from South Africa

While in the UK in July, I purchased your kit, and returned to South Africa with it. It took a few hours to construct the Cyclone kit. In order to stabilize the Cyclone I placed it in a 25l plastic paint can, cut the appropriate holes and secured it well. I then filled the can with an expanding foam that set the cyclone in a very secure position. This has made it nearly unbreakable, and I carry it around in a 25 l plastic paint can. Just what is needed for longevity in Africa.

Doug from Esperance, Western Australia

I received my flat pack cyclone in a few days from the UK which was a surprise, it was well packed and after looking at the web site videos I put it together and it went together with no dramas at all. I was a bit concerned about how strong it would be but I needn't have worried because it's fine. I put it on a 250ltr plastic garbage bin and it's just brilliant! I have my DC outside the shed and I can fill the bin until its actually visible in the cyclone and my DC is basically empty. Great product.

David from Perigord Vert, France

I bought the 100mm version to improve the performance of an old Kitty extractor with cloth bag filter. Summary - I'm delighted, highly recommended. Assembly was straight forward, if a little messy with glue running somewhat. Performance is startling, after planing up quite a lot of oak boards resulting in perhaps 2 dustbins of chips there was absolutely nothing in the extractor bag. Sawing produces finer dust of course but around one dustbin of sawdust resulted in no more than a teaspoonful in the extractor bag. Highly recommended.

Kenneth from South West England

Upon receipt of my 100mm cyclone kit I carefully unwrapped it and laid out all the parts. I had already downloaded the assembly instructions. Following them, I found it quite easy to put together. The whole process took me about two leisurely hours. Once fitted to a collector I tried it out, firstly with my thicknesser and then with both the circular saw and bandsaw. Everything went into the collector. A perfect result.

Jennifer from Cheshire, UK

The kit took about 3 hours to put together and was fairly straightforward. It is worth watching the videos as they really help. I couldn't wait to try it and as the photo shows, it works really well. Very pleased.